Creating an inner beauty revolution using sushi with black shari

Creating an
inner beauty revolution
using sushi
with black shari

Popularize the thinking of inner beauty

Popularize the thinking of inner beauty
Pro Labo dining, President Hiroyuki SASAKI

We opened KURO-SHARI in Azabu (address not disclosed). True to the name of the sushi restaurant, we serve sushi with black sushi rice. The black color is from charcoal. Why black sushi? You might think that sushi is healthy. However, in reality, this is a misconception. Sushi contains excessive refined sugar from polished rice with poor nutritional balance and can often use contaminated fresh fish. Sushi used to be a traditional Japanese healthy food. Today, however, it can be harmful to you. I want to be innovative in the world of sushi from the perspective of inner beauty. We want to popularize the thinking of inner beauty as our mission through black shari sushi that is healthy, nice, entertaining, and makes you feel its effects.

Shari, or sushi rice, is generally white. Why black? Our sushi’s shari is made of a chemical-free rice called Isehikari, vinegar and agave syrup in place of refined sugar. An activated charcoal powder made from coconut shells is sprinkled over the rice at the end. The charcoal makes the shari black. Why do we make sushi rice black? Most sushi restaurants use a large amount of white sugar when preparing the seasoned vinegar for making sushi in Japan and other countries. If you consume a massive amount of sugar and refined rice at once, it can be harmful in the short and long run. I have many friends and clients overseas. I want to recommend sushi, a traditional Japanese food, to them confidently. I want to tell them the key to beauty and health is definitely the inside of the body, the intestines.

What goes in

What goes in

My thinking comes from the concept of intake and output to preserve inner beauty. Your immune cells play an important role in preserving your health and beauty. There are immune cells in the intestines. Take in good things in the intestines and eliminate bad things from there. This is the basis of inner beauty. Pro Labo Holdings, as a manufacturer, has conducted its R&D based on this. Take in things that are completely good for you and activate your gastrointestinal tract from shari made from low-carb and low-GI agave syrup instead of white sugar, a fermented liquid concentrate containing 113 plant-based ingredients including silicon microgranules, and chemical-free rice and brown rice instead of fully refined rice. The activated charcoal powder from coconut shells absorbs the harmful substances, such as mercury contained in tuna and other large migratory fish, to expel them. We offer menu items that are additive/chemical free, good for you and intestine-friendly based on this conception of intake and output. This also applies to items other than sushi and even seasonings as well as ingredients.

What goes in
Master Sushi Chef Kazuki ODA

Oda is a sushi chef in the kitchen. He is one of our colleagues who has learned about inner beauty with us and has been a friend of mine for 10 years. He has pursued healthy sushi, as he is interested in nutritional therapy and working in the restaurant industry. Oda and I sought advice about inner beauty from many researchers and medical doctors, including Dr. Atsuo Yanagisawa, an authority in orthomolecular medicine in Japan, at symposiums and conferences. Both of us were excited about the idea of healthy sushi. Black shari is the result of six years of working with him.

We have received favorable feedback from guests who enjoyed sushi at Kuro-Shari in Azabu. They said that they felt extremely well the day after eating very good sushi. The deliciousness of the sushi is attributable to the skills of Oda, who is an excellent sushi chef. In addition, the fresh organic ingredients are naturally good and pleasing, and energize the body.

The meal is the message

This is the first time Pro Labo Holdings has opened a restaurant, as we are a manufacturer of health/beauty food. Running a restaurant can help us as a manufacturer effectively communicate inner beauty to the world, and sushi can do that even more. More people will become aware of the concept of taking in things that are good for the intestines and eliminating the things that are bad if we present it in the form of a meal.

We will open Kuro-Shari overseas as well. The first overseas restaurant is planned in New York. We would like to share the first black sushi in the world based on the concept of inner beauty developed in Japan in one of the largest cities in the world.

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